Thursday, July 7, 2011

murphy's law

The kids and I have been pretty active since Susannah finished up preschool and the summer officially began.  Lots of trips to the beach, even if just for an hour or two, some time spent at the playground, a trip to the mini zoo and a little swimming in the pool at my mom's.  My body has been behaving while we're out and about, even though I've had quite a few painful flares pop up in the evenings.  Overall, I haven't had too many complaints.

We have been taking it easy the past couple of days, which was supposed to give me some quality knitting time.  I actually finished up my first project in a couple of months last week, a Posy tank for Emily using Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton in Avocado.  I decided to frog (that's unravel, for you non-knitters) a sweater I had started last year for my mom, since it was shaping up to be more fitting for me, and start over in a smaller size.  I figured I would at least be back to where I joined the neckline by the busy work weekend, which starts tonight, since I had all this free time on my hands and no plans to do anything more than take the girls to swimming this morning.

Of course, my right hand decided to swell every night this week.  Normally that wouldn't stop me, but I was actually getting a little clumsy with my needles, so I didn't want to compromise the finished product.  My left hand and both wrists are acting up too, something that doesn't happen nearly as often as the swelling in my right hand.

Now I am about to get ready for the start of a 6-shift weekend at work.  I work in a restaurant, so there's plenty of walking around to be had, and quite a bit of standing still, which is much worse for my hips and knees than the walking.  Aside from a flare last Wednesday night where my right knee painfully puffed up, the joints in my lower body have been feeling pretty normal recently.  Another "of course" - my left hip and knee have been on fire on and off today and I've been getting some lovely nerve pain all the way down to my ankle.

Murphy's Law is just plain evil.

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