Sunday, April 28, 2013

you may have an amazing doctor if... can speak and not only are you heard, you are listened to. are spoken to and treated like an equally capable, competent, and crucial component of your medical care. feel like a crazy person when you express your anxiety, and you receive reassurance that confirms you are a little crazy, but in a perfectly normal way.

...when you mention that you haven't taken your meds in two months, the response doesn't make you feel like you are being judged...

...but in that same response, the purpose and importance of these medications is reiterated, without it turning into a lecture.

...your concern over the recurrence of side effects is met with understanding, and a promise that your overall well-being is tantamount to any conventional loyalty to a particular drug or pharmaceutical company. can see that every patient is treated like a priority. leave the appointment feeling optimistic, regardless of whatever news you've received.

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